College Planning

If you’re like most parents of college-bound students, you want your son or daughter to receive the best education possible. Unfortunately, your child’s education could end up costing you $100,000 or more!

It’s not too late! There is much that can be done to reduce the cost of college even if your child is a senior in high school or even without financial aid.

Our college planning services may save you money and help your student go to the school of their choice. Our personalized approach and our commitment to helping families design and facilitate the best possible college funding plan has helped thousands of families!

What Our Plans Include

Our comprehensive college funding plans includes the following elements:

  • School Selection: Assessment of student’s college choices and recommendations on additional colleges to consider based on the student’s education goals and the family’s financial situation.
  • Financial Aid Assessment: Determine if your family is eligible for need based financial aid or determine alternative strategies if you do not qualify for need based aid.
  • Financial Analysis: Review of current savings/investments and income to pay for college and create a plan to maximize these resources.
  • Tax Strategies: Work with your tax professional to maximize the tax benefits available for higher education.
  • Recommended Planning Strategies: Identify all appropriate academic, financial aid, cash flow and tax reduction strategies pertinent to your family’s situation.
  • Action Plan: Detailed instructions to implement the chosen strategies.
  • Implementation and Results: Support to implement the plan so that you actually receive the benefit of the plan!

The College Funding Planning Process

Step 1: Initial Evaluation

You will meet with our college funding expert, Brad, who will gather a variety of information from you and peform a preliminary savings analysis. Schedule your FREE College Checkup today!

Step 2: Detailed Analysis

Brad will then identify all potentially beneficial strategies that would be pertinent to your family.

Step 3: Your Custom College Funding Plan

A customized report is then presented to you to explain the combination of strategies we have identified for your family and how to implement them. At that time, you, Brad, and possibly your CPA will determine how to proceed so you receive the most beneficial outcome for your family.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

From there Brad will keep you updated with information about the ever-changing college funding developments and any new strategies that arise that can positively impact your college funding plan.

You will have a trusted adviser that is on your side to provide continuing personal service throughout your student’s college years!

Our Fees

Our fee is based on the complexity of your college funding plan. The fees range from $1,000 to $3,000. There is a discount for planning for multiple children.

Get Started

Find out how a custom college funding plan can help your family. One hour of your time may save you thousands! Call or contact us to schedule your FREE consultation.

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