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For most families, paying for college is the second largest purchase they will ever make — only rivaled by buying a home. Today, the average cost of a four year degree at state-supported college is about $50,000 and at a private school it increases to over $100,000.

Finding money to pay for college can be a daunting task. Financial aid, student loans, scholarships all have their own deadlines, forms, guidelines and application processes. Families often find that their savings are just not enough to pay for college.

Baldridge College Solutions helps “fill in the gaps” with simple educational workshops and custom college funding plans that save time and money.

We educate families on college funding

Each year hundreds of families attend our “Taming the High Cost of College” and “The Secrets to Winning Private Scholarship Money for College” workshops either live or over the Internet. Many others have signed up for our College Funding Newsletter.

We develop custom plans that could save thousands

Most families, especially those with upper-middle to high income or net worth, may dramatically reduce their college expenses.

Each family works personally with Brad Baldridge, a licensed financial adviser who specializes in college funding, to create custom college funding plan tailored to the family’s individual situation. These plans combine proprietary academic, cash flow and tax strategies that could save thousands of dollars.

For the higher-income family we create “tax scholarships” to help pay for college. A tax scholarship is any new found tax deduction that creates money you can use to reduce the cost of college.

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